WELCOME to 2017, my friends. Here are some powerful quotes

from A.W. Tozer, to start the year off right… – Andrew Strom.


“Trust God in the dark until the light returns.” – AW Tozer

“I am convinced that many evangelicals are not truly and soundly

converted. Among the evangelicals it is entirely possible to come

into membership, to ooze in by osmosis, to leak through the cells

of the church and never know what it means to be born of the Spirit

and washed in the blood. A great deal that passes for the deeper

life is nothing more or less than basic Christianity.”

– AW Tozer

“Our most pressing obligation is to do all in our power to obtain

a revival that will result in a reformed, revitalized, purified church.”

– AW Tozer

“Though the cross of Christ has been beautified by the poet and

the artist, the avid seeker after God is likely to find it the same

savage implement of destruction it was in the days of old. The

way of the cross is still the pain-wracked path to spiritual power

and fruitfulness. So do not seek to hide from it. Do not accept

an easy way. Do not allow yourself to be patted to sleep in a

comfortable church, void of power and barren of fruit. Do not

paint the cross nor deck it with flowers. Take it for what it is,

as it is, and you will find it the rugged way to death and life. Let

it slay you utterly.” – AW Tozer

“The Holy Spirit did not come to make them of one accord, He

came because they were of one accord. … It is not the music

that tunes your piano, it´s the tuned piano that makes your music.”

– AW Tozer

“Sin is a poisonous weed that throws the whole nature out of

order. The inner life disintegrates; the flesh lusts after forbidden

pleasures; the moral judgment is distorted so that often good

appears evil and evil good; time is chosen over eternity, earth

over heaven and death over life.” – AW Tozer